CamKix Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 6 / 6S - includes 4 lenses and tripod (8x telephoto)

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The CamKix camera lens kit is one of the best all-round kits for the iPhone 6 or 6s.
  • Includes all the basc equipment
  • Good quality photos
  • No remote shutter trigger
  • Vignetting with two of the lenses
  • Slight focusing issues


This iPhone photography kit by CamKix provides all the equipment needed to take great photos with an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6S. It contains four different lenses, as well as a tripod and an attachment to hold the iPhone steady. These parts make it a great all-round kit at a great price, and your photos will improve in huge leaps. It won't replace a DSLR, but its small size means that you'll be able to carry it with you everywhere.

Tripod, universal phone holder, and phone case

The tripod in this kit is small but robust. Standing around 4 inches tall, it is good for steadying your phone on top of another object (such as a table or a wall). It also collapses down very small when not in use, enhancing the portability of this kit.

Your iPhone attaches to the tripod via the universal phone holder that comes with the kit. This holder is adjustable, so can be used for other devices such as different iPhones or Android phones. It will also attach to other tripods. This means that you will not have to buy a completely new kit if you change phones.

The lenses attach to the phone by screwing into the hard case that comes with the the kit. This case is designed for the iPhone 6/6S, and will not fit other phones of a different size, which is why this kit is only compatible with this model. It also prevents you from using another case with your iPhone. The case is slim and light, but not especially protective, which may be a problem if you prefer to use a strong case to defend your phone against accidents (you can always switch cases for photography with this kit, but that does create one more item to carry).

Case is rubbery. Slim and light, not protective, but fits phone well. Lenses screw into it. Tripod is small -> about 4inches. Aluminium and plastic. Might break eventually, but quality is good for a product at this price point. Lenses are easy to screw on. All have rims that extend past glass, preventing scratching.

Fisheye lens

All the lenses screw into the hard case that attaches to the iPhone, and are constructed with slight rims that will protect the glass from scratches in the event of an accident.

Fisheye lenses are a classic attachment for phone photography, and this model is no exception. Because of way fisheye lenses distort light, you will get circular black borders in the corner of your pictures. However, this is a common feature of phone fisheye lenses.

Telephoto lens

One limitation of many phone cameras is that image quality becomes terrible if you use the built-in zoom. This is because many cameras use digital zoom, i.e. they just expand the size of the pixels. The small size size of cameras limits the zoom that can be achieved by adjusting the lens. However, you can improve your photos of far away objects using a telephoto lens such as the 8x zoom that comes with this kit.

This lens will increase the size of objects that are at a distance, but there are downsides. Magnification means that any wobble of the camera will also be magnified, and your pictures will be blurrier unless you use the tripod to stabilize the phone. The iPhone 6 camera app may also have trouble focusing when using this lens, because the software is not designed to handle it, but you can easily get around this by manually focusing.

A final consideration with this lens is that you cannot zoom in or out: the magnification is fixed at 8x.

Wide-angle and macro lenses

The wide-angle and macro lenses are part of a 2-in-1 lens in this kit. The macro lens screws on first, and the wide-angle lens screws onto that to get a wider picture.

The macro lens is one of the best parts of this kit, and will take excellent photos, although you may experience very slight vignetting (darkening) at the edges of the picture.

The wide-angle lens is also good, especially for pictures of landscapes or architecture that are too broad too fit into a regular shot. However, it's worth noting that you can achieve the same affect with the panorama function, and some of our readers report that the edges of pictures taken with this lens are sometimes out of focus.


This kit also comes with a lens cloth, which is useful for cleaning lenses on dusty or rainy days (or after they've been lying unused for too long), and a carrying bag. The carrying bag is mainly designed for the lenses, and will help to protect them as well as keeping them together when out and about. The tripod is too large for this bag and will have to be carried separately.


These lenses work with the iPhone 6 and 6s. However, becaus the phone must be placed in the case for the lenses to be attached, it will not work with phones of a different size, such as the iPhone 6S Plus (or tablets such as the iPad).

CamKix advertise that they will provide a full refund or replacement within a year if you are unsatisfied or have problems, making this kit a safe bet if you are looking to improve your iPhone photography but aren't quite sure if this is the kit for you.

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